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A Project With Heart

Third Street Star Bridge

llluminating Love, Life, & Art in Downtown Bay City

The Story of a Bridge

It was a small swing bridge constructed in the late 1800s for the practical purpose of finally connecting the East and West sides of the city. Yet, the Third Street Bridge took on a greater purpose as it became a symbol for Bay City -- one that represented life and connection! Our long-time residents testify that the city changed on that day in 1976 when the bridge collapsed, severing the business district and forcing store closure.

Now, 40 years later, Third Street is once again infusing more life into our ever-evolving downtown.

Greece Street Alley
Trpical Beach

A Star for Honoring & Remembering

A permanent public monument to those who have lit the way for us will be an inherent aspect of this meeting place. Honor or memorialize a person of light from your life with an engraved commemorative star prominently displayed on the exterior of the buildings lining the Third Street Star Bridge. $100 per name.


The Star Bridge is an outdoor visual experience, both to spark your imagination and celebrate life -- our lives and those who have impacted them!


Think ambiance. Think outdoor dining. Think live music. Surround yourself with the people you love under the evening lights of the Third Street Star Bridge.


A project with heart! Illuminating LOVE, LIFE, & ART in the historic heart of Downtown Bay City.

Support from

Downtown Development Authority

Downtown Management Board

The City of Bay City

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